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The Kitchen at Summerhill Brewing is open

Thursdays 3-7 PM

Fridays 3-7 PM

Saturdays 1-7 PM 

Sundays 11 AM-3 PM

Our snack menu is available during tap room hours

Food is for "eat in" or "take out". Call 607-591-6148 to place an order.

Always ask our chef if you have food allergy concerns. 

Taco Thursday Menu 

3-7 PM

(please note: tacos are only served on Thursday)

Soft Tacos

One for $4, or 3 for $10

beef, chicken or bean 

choose your toppings


Nachos $12

beef, chicken or bean

choose your toppings

Taco Salad $12

romaine tossed with a chili lime vinaigrette, corn tortilla crisps and topped with beef, chicken or bean and all the toppings you choose


shredded cheese, Cheese sauce, jalapeno, guacamole, Chipotle ranch, Fresh Salsa, sour cream, Lettuce and Cilantro-garlic sauce


Cookies $3+

Fudge Brownies $4 

Pizza and Soft Pretzels

menu changes weekly

Friday 3-7 PM + Saturday 1-7 PM


Apple Cheddar Bacon Pizza $24

Apple slices + white cheddar baked a top caramelized onions with crispy bacon + a sprinkle of fresh thyme

Sweet Potato Sage Pizza $20

Sage pesto baked with oven roasted sweet potato, whipped chevre ricotta + a sprinkle of fresh cranberries, crust finished with brown butter

 Pesto + Roasted Tomato Pizza $18

Garden basil pesto, oven roasted tomato, mozzarella + asiago 


Pepperoni Pizza $16

Mozzarella, marinara, Pepperoni


Cheese Pizza $13

Mozzarella, marinara

10" gluten free pizza crust available for same price as regular pizza

Old Chatham Creamery Cheese Board $16

A selection of OCC cheeses with accompaniments

zucchini pickles, apricot jam, dried cranberries, local apple slices, maple dijon mustard, olives, prosciutto + Salami, crackers + Flatbread

Soft Pretzel $6

buttered +salted

+Beer Cheese $1

+Maple Dijon Mustard $1 

Cookie $3+

Fudge brownie $4

 Sunday Brunch

11 AM-3 PM

menu changes Weekly

French Toast Bread Pudding $10

Warm maple, cinnamon + banana bread pudding with salted caramel sauce, fresh whipped cream and toasted pecans  

Broccoli Cheddar quiche $10

seasoned broccoli + white cheddar cheese baked in a savory egg custard in a flaky pastry shell, served with a side salad

Breakfast Calzone $14

 Home fries, white cheddar + fluffy scrambled eggs baked in a pillow of dough. Served with a side of sausage gravy for dipping

Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Pizza $14**

Two sunny side up eggs, creamy queso, refried black beans and Monterey Jack baked, then finished with fresh salsa, chipotle ranch and chimichurri. 

Bacon, Egg + Cheese Breakfast Pizza $14**

bacon + cheddar cheese baked with two sunny side up eggs. Finished with butter + Everything bagel seasoning

Lox Flatbread $12**

House cured gravlax, cream cheese, capers, fine red onion + fresh dill a top a freshly baked flatbread. Finished with everything bagel seasoning

Apple Cranberry Streusel Flatbread $14

Cinnamon apple filling + fresh cranberries baked on a flatbread with cinnamon oatmeal streusel, Served with a side of cream cheese icing 

Spinach Artichoke Flatbread $12**

baby spinach, artichoke hearts + garlic cream cheese ricotta baked with mozzarella + asiago

Italian sausage + Roasted Garlic Flatbread$14**

Roasted garlic, Italian sausage + mild banana peppers baked with mozzarella + asiago cheeses, finished with crushed red pepper flakes + parsley

"**" denotes gluten free crust available for an additional charge


Snack Menu

Available Open to Close Thursday-Sunday

Old Chatham Creamery Gouda Block and Crackers $6

Frank's beef jerky $4

 Cookies $3+

Fudge Brownies $4

Hot dips with tortilla chips $8

  • 3 Cheese Tomato Basil Bacon

  • Spinach Artichoke

  • Greek 

  • Buffalo Chicken

*all menus subject to change without notice*

pizza and beer
pizza and beer
tacos and beer
soft pretzel with dips
brunch pizza
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