Sallee Ten Eyck

Sallee is a Summerhill Native, and has lived locally her entire life. She graduated SUNY Morrisvile Ag and Tech with a degree in journalism. She worked for local publications, then started working for the USDA-Farm Service Agency. She worked for the USDA for 37 years, retiring as a district director. Soon after, Sallee sparked the Fire in the team to make a hobby in brewing a business. She saw it as a way to become involoved in supporting the community and promoting the beautiful area where she has spent her life. Sallee is head of brewery operations, a job that encompasses managing finances, policy adherence, advertising and much more. Sallee enjoys spending time with her family, nature, reading and gardening. 

Jeff Ten Eyck

Jeff Ten Eyck

Jeff grew up in Jack's Reef, NY on the shores of the Seneca River. He is a graduate of SUNY ESF and SUNY Morrisville. Jeff retired after a 41 year career in soil and water conservation at the county and state levels, and for a national non-profit organization.

Jeff plays a very important roll at the brewery as the cellarman. He helps monitor the fermentation, cooling, carbonation and kegging of the beers. He works diligently to clean and sanitize our kegs, beer lines and other brewing equipment. Jeff will also dabble in brewing a specialty ale from time to time!

He joined in this venture with a love for beer and a desire to support the community. 

Jeff enjoys the outdoors/nature, baseball, Beer tasting, camping, kayaking and spending time with his family and his four legged buddy, sayre. 

Kurt McDonald

Kurt McDonald

Kurt, our head brewer, is a summerhill native. He graduated from SUNY ESF in May of 2004 with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental chemistry. After graduation, he held jobs in construction, landscaping and building maintenance. When he was ready to dive into the science world, He landed Chemist's positions with Corning, working with emission regulations from diesel vehicles, with biofine renewables, working to turn cellulose into fuel and now with Cornell University's High Energy Synchotron Source. All of these life experiences have given him a unique skill set. 

Kurt started brewing hard cider in his early twenties, and then dove into home brewing beer with his family. Five gallons led to Twenty Gallons, and now he brews our flagship ales on a 7 barrel, or approximately 200 gallon, system. The smaller pilot system is still used for experimental and specialty brews. 

He enjoys nature, skateboarding, yoga, camping and spending time with his wife, Megan, and two dogs. 

Megan McDonald

Megan grew up south of buffalo, NY. She received a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Service Management from Paul Smiths college in December of 2003. She began her career working in restaurants in lake placid and hamburg, NY. Megan transitioned into pastry, moving to Washington, D.C., then Maine before returning to New York State to be Assistant Pastry Chef at the Inns of Aurora for seven years. From there, she took a position with Cornell Dining, part of the team responsible for feeding 500-1000 people per meal for dinners at Appel Commons. Leaving Cornell in June of 2019, she then transitioned to the brewery full time, working in the tasting room and advertising. The Kitchen at Summerhill Brewing is now open, and Megan can't wait to showcase her culinary talents and experience. Megan also teaches yoga, receiving her 200 hour Yoga Teacher  certification in December of 2018. 

Megan enjoys yoga, baking, being outside, gardening, birds and spending time with her family and friends.