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        OUR STORY

picture of Sallee, Jeff, Megan, Kurt and dog standing behind the bar with a growler in the new brewery location
Picture of Kurt by the Mash ton
our building in summer time
picture of Kurt checking the final gravity of an ale in a 20 gallon fermenter
The Summerhill Brew Crew
Salle, Jeff, Kurt and Megan toasting to new years eve with beers in hand

Having retired from careers in agriculture, Jeff and Sallee, along with their Son and daughter-in-law Kurt and Megan, wanted to use their skills and talents to create a future brewing great beer for others to enjoy. They also wanted to provide a space for the community to gather.

Summerhill Brewing started 1/4 mile from it's current site, in Sallee and Jeff's garage. One to two times a month, the group would open up the tasting room to the community. There was no formal advertising--just word of mouth, facebook and a growing email list. We had four beers to offer, which slowly grew to more. Every Sunday, Kurt would brew a 20 Gallon batch of beer. Our stock would be consumed by patrons, and we would have to assess what we had, and what we had to make. Once we were stocked back up, we would open up. With so much community support, we decided to grow. 

We are a family business offering a variety of hand crafted ales in a setting like no other--tucked off of NY Route 90, in the countryside of summerhill.

We strive to be an asset and a support to our community; using local products and services whenever possible. it is important to us to use the most environmentally friendly products and practices as possible to protect our planet. 

Summerhill is packed with important history. We like to highlight summerhill's history as much as possible when naming our ales. Millard's american is named for our 13th President born in Summerhill. Paper money IPA is named for Elbridge spaulding, who as a us congressman drafted the National currency bank bill, creating paper money. Summerhill was originally named Plato, but after discovering a town of that name already existed in new York state, it was changed to Summerhill, after a town in Irleland. the coordinates of summerhill ireland are 53N 6W, or the name of our Irish red ale.These are just a few examples of summerhill's rich history. 

We invite you to come enjoy our brews, relax and have some fun.

Our destination is worth the trip up the hill!!


We are in the process of making this site ADA compliant. We have attended a workshop and we are working with a local IT professional. 

picture of Kurt using the pilot brew system
picture of Owners Megan McDonald, Kurt McDonald, Sallee Ten Eyck and Jeff Ten Eyck under the Summerhill Brewing sign
Picture of Summerhill Brewing's ribbon cutting ceremony
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